Capture traffic in router





Supported platform 1841 2800 3800


Router(config)# ip traffic-export profile BASIM //create a monitoring profile


Router(config-rite)# interface FastEthernet 0/0 //the monitored interface (the interface that you connect your PC (wireshark) to it)


Router(config-rite)#bidirectional //monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic

Router(config-rite)# mac-address 0018.8BBF.55CF



Router(config)# interface s0/0 //the interface that you want to monitor

Router(config-if)# ip traffic-export apply BASIM


Router# traffic-export interface fastethernet0/0 start


Router# show ip traffic-export

Router IP Traffic Export Parameters

Monitored Interface s0/0

Export Interface FastEthernet0/0

Destination MAC address 0018.8BBF.55CF //your mac address

bi-directional traffic export is off

Input IP Traffic Export Information Packets/Bytes Exported 0/0

Packets Dropped 0

Sampling Rate one-in-every 1 packets

No Access List configured

Profile one is Active



note that only IP traffic is being replicated, and we lose any lower-layer headers (like PPP) due to the change in medium.

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