Install CUCM 9.1 Boot error

Recently I got an ISO image for CUCM 9.1(UCSInstall_UCOS_9.1.2.12900-11.sgn.iso) and I intend to play around with it cause I have a project with a customer and he need to install CUCM on a UCS server. I tried to install it in my VMWare Workstation but I get the following error after I fire the VM.


it seems that the ISO wasn’t bootable…hmmm

I head to my best friend (Google!) and asked a simple question, How to make a non-bootable cd a bootable cd. and add a magic word Cisco at the end. in no time I get a link that exactly describe my problem but in another CUCM version..let’s give it a try

First I tried the first option by extracting the boot file from one of my working CUCM version (8.6) and load it back to CUCM 9.1 but unfortunately another error came up

1 – Extract the boot file from older version (8.6). the file called isolinux.bin and located under isolinux folder in the CUCM iso image


2- Load the Boot file to the newer version (9.1)


3- Then Save the new bootable Iso image to a new file



Error: Image checksum error, sorry…

Boot failed: press a key to retry


mmm..seems I need to call my genius power!. Just kidding, the solution is on the same page(on comments). You need to check another option called Generate Bootinfotable before extracting the boot file


I repeated the same steps again and voilà! it does work Smile



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