Problems in CUCM 9 Installation

Problem 1: Stuck in Installing database component

During my CUCM 9.1 installation on a VMWare workstartion. The process stuck in Installing database component for more than a hour without any progress.


I repeated the installation again but with no luck. so I think of two options:

1- Install CUCM 8.6 and upgrade to 9.1 (details are described here)

2- Change the VM settings

I decided to go with the second option first (although I used the same settings in CUCM8.6 installation). After some tweaking in my VM settings. The problem solved with below properties


I tried to increase the memory to 4GB and repeat the installation but it also stuck. Then I added an extra 40GB to HDD and choose to pre-allocate all disk now instead of Thin provisioning which seems to solve the problemโ€ฆ


Problem 2: Can’t access GUI

After I successfully finished the installation, I faced another problem. I can’t access the GUI from any browser Sad smile it shows HTTP Status 404 – The requested resource is not available


it seems a problem in a tomcat service inside the CUCM so I decided to restart it through the SSH session and give it another try which seems to work

admin : utils service restart Cisco Tomcat


Old interface again, disappointed ! please add some graphics, colors and use a decent CSS, Cisco!

Anyways, below is a list of new features found in 9.1 if anyone interest

Feature Enhancements in release 9.1

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