Vandyke SecureCRT tips and tricks

Whether you are replacing Telnet or Terminal, or need a more capable secure remote access tool, SecureCRT is an application you can live in all day long. With the solid security of SSH, extensive session management, and advanced scripting, SecureCRT will help raise your productivity to the nth degree.


This is a few tips and tricks for people who use the SeccureCRT application for managing the remote servers


Building Python Development Station

my guide to build a python development VM on your local windows machine to combine both the efficiency of linux and the usability of windows laptop – I use pycharm as an example of python IDE but you can use any IDE that support the remote deployment.

For more info about remote deployment function please see the below link



Remote Deployment using Pycharm

Have you ever wanted to develop a Python or Web application for Linux from your laptop running Windows 7 or MAC OS X? Do you want to run your code that  will be published to whole world but afraid from the dependencies mismatch between your laptop and   production server?

Guess what: all of this is possible with the remote development features already available in PyCharm.


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The Poor Man VPN

You may have an IT team in your company who believe company productivity will be boosted if company disallow access to social media , streaming or even the soundcloud. Although some recent studies show that productivity has nothing to do with such sites

Don’t get me wrong, but I hate to be restricted or not having access to what I want, of course I won’t visit illegal sites or hiding my gampling history! using the corporate network but also I need some level of freedom to perform well. I will manage my own time!

Anyways whatever your final goal, make sure you’re not breaking any corporate policies

So let’s start

First here’s the topology and the normal call flow for Enterprise Network


What we will try to accomplish is manipulate the corporate gateway and establish an SSH tunnel back to our home network (where everything is accessible from there and free!) then we will redirect our browsing traffic to home network back and forth.

No just that, we will enhance the tunneling by connecting our home router to DDNS provider

From firewall perspective, we just established an innocent SSH connection to somewhere in the internet



Tools Used

Home Network

1-Modem (Home Router) that support Port Forwarding (most routers nowdays do)

2-VMware to run squid proxy server and SSH over Centos Machine

3-DDNS account ( is my favorite, However if your purchased an static IP from your ISP then this step is not necessary but remember this solution is for poor guys J )

Client in Corporate

4-MobaXterm (to establish SSH tunnel back to VMware)

5- Browser

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How display Arabic Subtitle in LG Smart TV

After a long workday, You may want to set to your coach and watch an English movie on a big screen especially on new TVs that came with HDMI, USB Ports and even DLNA streaming. However displaying subtitles on these TVs may not be correct because an encoding problem. You can change the subtitle encoding by clicking on Settings  | Set Video Play



Then choose Arabic (Or any other languages) in Code Page


The subtitle should be fixed and display correctly now.

You can set other advanced options related to subtitle displaying like Sync , subtitle position, Size or the color of subtitle 

Happy watching!

Few Productivity Tips


1-استخدم Microsoft OneNote وانت بتذاكر اي حاجة .. خد سكرين شوت من ال PDF او الفيديو و حطها فيه..صدقني هتنسي الكورس اللي بتذاكره بعد شهرين تلاتة وهتكسل انك تقراه تاني والنوتبوك اللي كتبت فيه هيضيع..خليها احسن علي الكمبيوتر و ياسلام لو رفعتها علي onedrive..هتقدر تقراها من اي حتة

2-اتعلم اي Scripting Language ..بايثون ، باش سكربت ، بيرل..صدقني والله ايان كان شغال فين هتفرق معاك وانت بتعمل analysis ل log file مساحته ستة و لا سبعة جيجا وبتدور علي حاجة معينة ..

It will save your As*

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Service Provider Free Slides

Free tutorials & workshops for Network Providers, ISP and Networking Vendors

1-North American Network Operators Group Tutorial(NANOG)

2-South Asian Network Operators Group(SANOG)

3-Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG)
(click on presentation tab on the left)

4-Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT)
Check Previous APRICOTs section for slides and workshop