Install Devstack Steps

If you’re new to openstack and you want get some hands on it then you have to install the Devstack. a bundled version for all openstack services and components in one software

The below presentation illustrate how to get the job done in few steps. More to come later to explore the openstack main features and integration with other nodes in SDN/NFV Environment


The Poor Man VPN

You may have an IT team in your company who believe company productivity will be boosted if company disallow access to social media , streaming or even the soundcloud. Although some recent studies show that productivity has nothing to do with such sites

Don’t get me wrong, but I hate to be restricted or not having access to what I want, of course I won’t visit illegal sites or hiding my gampling history! using the corporate network but also I need some level of freedom to perform well. I will manage my own time!

Anyways whatever your final goal, make sure you’re not breaking any corporate policies

So let’s start

First here’s the topology and the normal call flow for Enterprise Network


What we will try to accomplish is manipulate the corporate gateway and establish an SSH tunnel back to our home network (where everything is accessible from there and free!) then we will redirect our browsing traffic to home network back and forth.

No just that, we will enhance the tunneling by connecting our home router to DDNS provider

From firewall perspective, we just established an innocent SSH connection to somewhere in the internet



Tools Used

Home Network

1-Modem (Home Router) that support Port Forwarding (most routers nowdays do)

2-VMware to run squid proxy server and SSH over Centos Machine

3-DDNS account ( is my favorite, However if your purchased an static IP from your ISP then this step is not necessary but remember this solution is for poor guys J )

Client in Corporate

4-MobaXterm (to establish SSH tunnel back to VMware)

5- Browser

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Install CUCM 9.1 Boot error

Recently I got an ISO image for CUCM 9.1(UCSInstall_UCOS_9.1.2.12900-11.sgn.iso) and I intend to play around with it cause I have a project with a customer and he need to install CUCM on a UCS server. I tried to install it in my VMWare Workstation but I get the following error after I fire the VM.


it seems that the ISO wasn’t bootable…hmmm

Wifi Analyzer

البرنامج ده(الاندرويد) جامد السنين في الوايرلس
بيعرف ايه الاكسس بوينتس اللي حواليك و قوة الاشارة بتاعتهم بال
و الماك ادريس و ال
اللي شغالين عليها
ويقيسلك قوة الاشارة في كل
طول الوقت
غالبا لو مشغل الوايرلس في الراوتر بتاعك هتلاقيك جاي عل ال
default channel
اللي هي 6 او 7
وباقي الناس نفس النظام…فبيحصل
شغل البرنامج ده و شوف انهي
معلهاش ناس كتير ودخل علي الراوتر وانقل نفسك عليها
(لو حد مش عارف ازاي يعملها يقول)
فيه نسخة برضه للكمبيوتر بس برنامج تاني اسمه
open source, free, enjoy