Up and Running

when someone used to ask me a simple question like , Who’re you? I take a few moments to think then smiled. I dunno how to start and which part of life he/she need to know or interest. so I decieded to organize them in few words

UI Designer –> IT –> Telecom Expert –> Programmer

I started by working as a UI designer during my collage back in 2005 for a online student forum called EG123 (shortcut for Engineering Group 123) Then shifted my career to Networking especially in Cisco products. lastly  landed on Service providers networks and become specialized in subscriber management and VAS technologies. I did a some of big projects in many carrier(Internet and Mobile) here in Egypt like TEData and Vodafone. so I’m a Networker that happen to work the programming environment

Finally I’m father for a beautiful girl and husbend for amazing wife.

In this blog I’d be happy to share some notes in many network/VAS aspects which I hope you find them useful. Please feel free to contact me in basim.alyy@gmail.com 

LinkedIn Profile | ELA Group



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